#036 The Sergeant w/ Daniel Tsirlin

March 4, 2019

The boys had Daniel Tsirlin on the podcast this week. After both Daniel and Jamie saw Jordan Peterson speak on his 12 Rules For Life Tour, the boys had plenty to discuss. 


February 13, 2019

Chapter 35 instalment of quantum lifting. The boys discuss their lifestyle changes, meditation and war films.  

#034 Explicit Content w/ Christian Woodford

January 31, 2019

The boys met up with the owner and founder of WSSC, Christian Woodford to discuss the topic of bullying. It is fair to say the boys got side tracked.

#033 Evolution

January 15, 2019

The boys sat down for the first podcast of 2019 and discussed all things from the Christmas and new year period and how the Turkey comes out in all of us. 

#032 Determinism Rant

December 18, 2018

Charlie and Jamie sit down to discuss how Christmas time exposes the turkey in all of us and Jamie decides to rant about his newly read topic, determinism. 

#031 What constitutes a F@#% wit w/ Jarrad Kay and Jay Ellis

December 5, 2018

Jay Ellis is Christian Woodford's right hand man down at WSSC and Jarrad Kay the owner of the Sixth Principle. The boys met up to discuss what constitutes a f@#$ wit 

#030 Jamie Got Fired

November 17, 2018

Jamie talks about how he got fired from his first S and C role in elite sport and Charlie talks about his catch cry. 

#029 F Is For Failure w/ Durham McInnes

October 31, 2018

Durham McInnes is the Owner and Head Coach at Core Advantage. Durham has played a role for many years in Australian Basketball at the international level for both Men and Women's basketball. He joins the boys on the podcast to talk about his journey from working with the boomers to running his own high performance facility with over 300 athletes.

Links to Core Advantage

Website: https://www.coreadvantage.com.au/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/core_advantage/ 

#028 The Olympian w/ Bodi Turner

October 16, 2018

BMX Racer, Bodi Turner joins the boys on the podcast today to talk about his journey to the 2016 Rio Olympics, his one year suspension and the road to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  

#027 A Year Without Beers w/ Brendan Close

October 10, 2018

The boys met up with Brendan Close, who on Monday the 8th of October finished his one year of no alcohol. Brendan decided to go one year with no alcohol to help raise awareness for a condition his brother was diagnosed with, epilepsy. The boys discuss his experience over this one year period and seek to learn more about epilepsy. 


If you would like to suport Brendan's cause please follow the links below: